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Dr Alan Serrano-Rico

Dr Alan Serrano-Rico


During my academic career, I have taught a number of subjects ranging from the social (IS in context) to the technical (Java Programming, ERPs, and Telecommunications). Today my research responsibilities are:

Module leader for CS5553 ERP Deployment and Configuration; and for CS5601 Enterprise Modelling

CS5553 Description: Examines the implications of implementing ERP systems in organisations and develops the key skills necessary to deploy and configure ERP systems. Example topics of study include business process improvement alongside enterprise systems configuration and configuration management (including Master Data Management, business services, processes and functions). The module examines practical aspects of configuration in the context of the SAP R/3 environment.

CS5601 Description: Cultivates skills and knowledge related to business, conceptual and software modelling. Example topics of study include different paradigms for modelling (including business services, processes and objects), techniques for modelling the business domain and business behaviour, the relationship between business modelling and software modelling and the use of the Unified Modelling Language (UML)

Module teaching contributor for CS5552 Systems Theory and Practice

CS5552 Description: Examines the rationale, theories and practices around Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and develops the knowledge required to understand the forces driving ERP design and implementation. Example topics of study include enterprise systems strategy and rationale, issues of organisational implementation and business services, processes and functions from an ERP perspective. The module provides an introduction to the SAP R/3 environment and the practice of business process integration in that environment.