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Dr Alireza Mousavi

Howell Building 231

Research supervision

  • Atefeh Sayyad Saravi (2020), A Systems Engineering Approach to Model and Predict the Sustainability of Small and Medium Size Manufacturing Companies (Submitted February 2020 – Examination in Summer 2020). (Female)
  • Futra M Zamsayah, Real-Time Event-Based Predictive Modelling for Industrial Control and Monitoring, March 2020 (Male)
  • The Analytical Modelling of Collective Capability of Human Networks, Ehsan Hosseini (2015). (Male)
  • Modelling and Design of the Eco-System of Causality for Real-Time Systems, Morad Danishvar (2015). (Male)
  • Application of Lean Scheduling and Production Control in Non-Repetitive Manufacturing Systems using Intelligent Agent Decision Support, Theopisti Papadopoulou (2013). (Female)
  • Resource Impact and Utilisation; the Foundation for Systems Capability Modelling, Mona Shekarriz. (2010). (Female)
  • A Generic Predictive Information System for Resource Planning and Optimisation, Siamak Tavakoli. (2010). (Male)
  • Information-theoretic and stochastic methods for managing the quality of service and satisfaction in healthcare systems, Alexander Komashie (2009). (Male)
  • Three-dimensional modelling of customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty for measuring quality of service, Vahid Pezeshki. (2009). (Male)