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Dr Alireza Mousavi

Howell Building 231


Graduated as BEng with equivalent of first class from Tehran Azad University in Industrial Engineering, Planning and Analysis of Systems in 1994. I worked first as placement and then full time in Automotive Industry Management Consultancy from 1992-1996. In 1996 I joined the Postgraduate Research programme (PhD) of the well-known Department of Manufacturing and Engineering Systems of Brunel University with a scholarship from the University. I obtained my PhD in May 2000. In year October 1999, I was appointed as an RA on an EPSRC/MAFF project MEATRAC – where I developed a fully novel monitoring and control system using Sensors & Actuation, SCADA, PLC, RFID Technology, and Enterprise Data Management System for 100% Tracking and Traceability of Meat products. It was successfully delivered in mid-2002.

From May 2002, I was appointed as a lecturer in the same department and to date have covered a wide range of teaching and supervising UG and PG projects in subject areas ranging from mathematics, software engineering, software development, systems modelling & probability theory, control, and embedded systems. The modules covered all undergraduate and postgraduate years, and taught in a highly international and diverse cohort of students. I contribute to a wide range of classical (e.g. mathematics, probability theory, queuing theory, discrete systems, software development) and modern subjects (e.g. Machine Learning, AI, Applied Control, and Cyberphyisical systems) at the Departments of Computer Science, Electronic and Electrical Engineering as well as Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering with the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences.

My current research activities are concentrated on digital transformation and smartification of Industrial Systems, especially within the Industry 4.0 context covering sensors-actuation, signal processing and feature extraction, machine learning, modelling, control and optimisation. Systems Engineering in a wide range of applications and industrial challenges.

Since 2013, my research activities has resulted in large number of large scale research and development funding from UK, EU and USA funding bodies and industry. They are in the areas of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, BioFuel Technologies, Aeropsace, Automotive, Electronics and Micro-electronics Security and Manufacture, Photonics, Laser-Based Manufacturing, Process Engineering, Tracking & Traceability, Sustanable Supply Chains, as well as Airport Security and Management Systems.  Some sample list of projects can be viewed in my personal site

I am the Founder and Co-Director of Brunel Centre for Digital Manufacturing. For details activities and projects of the centre please visit: 

For complete list of publications and other information please visit my website:

Special Announcement:

We are Constantly looking to recruite Research Assistants, Fellows and PhD students in the areas of Automation, Control, Sensors and Actuation, Mathematical Modelling and Optimisation, Machine Learning & AI, and Software Engineering (contact me for details)

Newest selected publications

Geng, H., Mousavi, A., Markatos, N., Chen, K. and Gou, X. (2024) 'Reliable Cost Prediction and Control for Intelligent Manufacture: A Key Performance Indicator Perspective'. International Journal of Network Dynamics and Intelligence, 3 (1). pp. 1 - 12.Open Access Link

Journal article

Milosavljevic, M., Mousavi, A., Moraca, S., Fajsi, A. and Rostohar, D. (2024) 'Revealing the Supply Chain 4.0 Potential within the European Automotive Industry'. Sustainability, 16 (4). pp. 1 - 17.Open Access Link

Journal article

Markatos, NG. and Mousavi, A. (2023) 'Manufacturing quality assessment in the industry 4.0 era: a review'. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 34 (13-14). pp. 1681 - 1681. ISSN: 1478-3363 Open Access Link

Journal article

Markatos, NG., Mousavi, A., Pippione, G. and Paoletti, R. (2023) 'Industry 4.0-Based Framework for Real-Time Prediction of Output Power of Multi-Emitter Laser Modules during the Assembly Process'. Electronics (Switzerland), 12 (3). pp. 1 - 12.Open Access Link

Journal article

Moustris, GP., Kouzas, G., Fourakis, S., Fiotakis, G., Chondronasios, A., Abu Ebayyeh, AARM., et al. (2022) 'Defect detection on optoelectronical devices to assist decision making: A real industry 4.0 case study'. Frontiers in Manufacturing Technology, 2. pp. 1 - 20.Open Access Link

Journal article
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