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Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Medical Informatics

Environmental Informatics

Research supervision

Completed PhD Students:

  • STEELE Emma (First supervisor): \"Combining Heterogeneous Sources of Data for the Reverse-Engineering of Gene Regulatory Networks\" (Completed 2009)
  • ANVAR Yahya (Co-Promoter with Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands): \"Converging models for interspecies transcriptome studies of human diseases\" (2012)
  • HASSAN Fadratul (First supervisor): \"Using Uniform Crossover to Refine Simulated Annealing Solutions for the Automatic Design of Spatial Layouts\" (2013)
  • CECCON Stefano (First supervisor): \"The Identification and Modelling of Key Stages in a Temporal Process\" (2013)
  • LI Yuanxi (First supervisor): \"The Exploitation of Cross-Sectional Studies to Infer Disease Processes\" (2014)
  • BO Valeria (First supervisor): \"The Integration of Multiple Data Sources for Building Robust Gene Regulatory Networks\" (departmental EPSRC grant)
  • TRIFFONOVA Neda (1st Supervisor): \" A Data-Oriented Predictive Ecology Approach to Modelling Fish Communities during Regime Shifts\" (NERC open CASE award)
  • FRANCO Chiara (2nd supervisor in conjunction with Essex University), \"A Bayesian Network approach for assessing rate of changes in coral reef ecosystems \"

Current PhD Students:

  • Erfan Sajjadi: "Discovering Disease Subtypes for Personalised Medicine"
  • Leila Youssefi: "Latent Models for Predicting Comorbidities in Diabetes"
  • Nicky Nicolson: "Biodiversity Informatics"
  • Awad Alyousef: "Personalised Models of Disease"
  • Nathanial Harwood: "A rise in the frequency of extreme weather in response to Arctic amplification and its implications for European decision-making: A Big Data Perspective"
  • Mashael Al Luhaybi: "Predicting Student Outcome from Higher Education Data"
  • Joanna Pawlik: "Data Mining the Flora at Kew"

I have acted as internal (four times) and external examiner - Imperial College London (twice). University of the Basque Country (once), Radboud University (twice), Leiden University (once).