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Dr Georgios Batsakis

Dr Georgios Batsakis
Senior Lecturer in International Business & Economics

Eastern Gateway 202o

Research area(s)

  • Internationalization processes of MNEs
  • Temporal dimension of MNEs' internationalization process
  • Product and geographic diversification in the MNE context
  • MNEs' foreign market entry mode choice
  • Foreign divestment
  • Innovation, knowledge management and IP protection in MNEs

Research group(s)

Research Interests

My research interests have been focusing on the field of international business, and in particular on sub-streams related to antecedents and performance outcomes of a number of internationalization processes, such as the temporal dimension of internationalization, foreign market entry mode choice, and subsequent divestment of foreign operations. My research work on internationalization processes, and more specifically, on the temporal dimension of internationalization (such as the antecedents and performance outcomes of internationalization speed and simultaneity of entry in foreign markets), has been motivated by the relatively unexplored focus of extant research on this particularly embryonic, yet very interesting research area.