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Professor Mark Neocleous

Professor Mark Neocleous

Marie Jahoda 202

Research area(s)

I am a critical theorist who focuses on questions of state power, especially as they pertain to police, security and war, a series of powers that can be captured under the  label 'pacification'. I also have an interest in the political imagination, especially concerning monstrosity, subjectivity and death.

Broadly speaking, my work straddles the history of ideas; critical theories of power; the concepts of security, war and police; the logic of pacification; Marx and the Marxist tradition, especially Western Marxism.

Research project(s) and grant(s)

Current work is on two projects. The first is on the politics of immunity, developing a radical rethinking of security as an autoimmune disease. The second is on manhunting as fundamental to the historical logic of pacification and the contemporary logic of sovereignty. These projects are part of the ongoing critique of security in my work. As part of this critique I work with a network of scholars on the theme of ‘anti-security’, set up to challenge the hegemonic power of security politics in all its guises (especially those that claim to be ‘critical’). 


Critique of Security