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Professor Mark Neocleous
Professor - Critique of Political Economy

Marie Jahoda 206


My current role is Professor of the Critique of Political Economy in the Department of Social and Political Sciences, having joined Brunel in 1994 in what was then a Department of Government. I am a critical theorist who focuses on questions of state and capital, especially as they pertain to police, security and war. I also have an interest in the political imagination, especially concerning bodies, monstrosity, subjectivity and death.

My most recent book is The Politics of Immunity (Verso, 2022).

I am currently working on two projects: the first is a book called Pacification, and the second is a book called The Most Beautiful Suicide.

More detail of my research is given in the links above called 'Research' and 'Selected Publications'. The 'Selected Publications' section lists only my books. Most of my published work is available for free either here: 

or here:

If there is a publication of mine that you can't find on those sites, email me and if I can then I will provide it. 


  • PhD Philosophy (Middlesex)
  • MSc Politics and Sociology (Birkbeck)
  • BSc Philosophy and Sociology (City)

Newest selected publications

Neocleous, M. (2022) 'The Politics of Immunity: Security and the Policing of Bodies'. Verso Books. ISSN 10: 183976483X ISSN 13: 9781839764837


Neocleous, M. (2021) 'A Critical Theory of Police Power'. Verso. ISSN 13: 978-1788735209


Neocleous, MA. (2016) 'The Universal Adversary: Security, Capital and 'The Enemies of All Mankind''. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. ISSN 13: 978-1-13-895515-8


Neocleous, MA. (2014) 'War Power, Police Power'. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. ISSN 13: 978-0-7486-9237-8


Neocleous, MA. (2011) 'Anti-Security'. Red Quill Press. ISSN 13: 978-1-9269581-4-9

More publications(11)