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Dr Michael Thomas

Dr Michael Thomas
Senior Lecturer in Social Work


I am module leader for the following modules on the MA in Social Work: SW5600: The Dissertation, and SW5620: Social Policy and Sociology

I also contribute to the cross-programme module HH5609: Approaches to Research.

Student Testimonials, 2018

“Michael always comes down to student's level in his interaction with learners. He is approachable and very liberal in his interaction with students. All his lectures are delivered with real-life examples. His method of teaching has made me x-ray my life and see the application of social work to virtually everything that goes on in any human society.

“Dr Mike Thomas is an outstanding teacher! he has the ability to see the hidden skills students have and explore them, and make the student shine through them. He has helped me know my potential and how far I can go, regardless of where I come from.”