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PhD projects for research students

Machine learning for biometric identification

Biometric identification aims to recognize people's identity through the use of signals or images from which one can extract features that are distinctive to each person. This PhD project will focus on identification on the basis of biometric information that can be captured through a single camera or a simple wearable sensor. Possible target applications are recognition using behavioral information, recognition using mobile phones, or continuous person identification for wearable devices. Candidates for this project should have some fundamental knowldge on signal/image processing. Prior programming experience is highly desirable.

Brain wave analysis and modelling with graph signal processing

Brain wave analysis and modelling is an increasingly important research area, not least because of its applications in bio-medicine, rehabilitation, and next-generation human-computer interfaces.

This PhD project will use graph signal processing in order to analyse and model the signals that are captured using a grid of brain signal (EEG) sensors. Graph signal processing will allow the study of these signals by taking into account the locations of the respective sensors on the head and the underlying brain functions. This approach will enable the formulation of advanced brain models. The resultant brain models will be combined with machine learning techniques (deep neural networks) in order to develop intelligent systems that can interpret human thinking for the purpose of controlling devices or communicating non-verbally with the environment.