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Dr Peter Wilkin

Dr Peter Wilkin
Reader - Comms, Media & Cultural Studies

Marie Jahoda 154

Research area(s)

 I have published articles in major academic journals (and monographs) in the following subject areas:

  • Political economy and Globalisation
  • World-Systems Analysis
  • Security and Development
  • Philosophy of social science
  • Anarchist social thought
  • Media, social change and democracy
  • Hungary in the Modern World-System
  • Critical Realism
  • Social movements and protests
  • Design practices and everyday life
  • The work of Noam Chomsky
  • Popular Culture and social criticism

Research grants and projects

Project details

My current research is a study of the Gilets Jaunes movement in France, situating it in its long-term social and historical context. This will be followed by a further monograph examining the concept of illiberalism, authority, and populism in the modern world-system.