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  • 5G and beyond Communication Systems, Antennas and Propagation, Beamforming and Phased Arrays, Emergency Communication Systems
  • Microwave Systems
  • Use of Radio and microwave frequencies in Automotive and Biomedical applications

PhD projects for research students

Research supervision

Past PhD students:

  1. Dr Geoffrey Eappen, Spectrum Sensing Optimization in Cognitive Radio Network Using Soft Computing Techniques, 2021 (Commonwealth Split PhD scheme, PhD award from VTT Vellore, India)
  2. Dr Anhar, Routing and Medium Access Control (MAC) in wireless sensor network for monitoring emergency applications, 2019
  3. Dr Nur Ab Aziz, Design and construction of pattern reconfigurable antenna with fine direction resolution, 2019
  4. Dr Oussama Al-Sabek, QoS Enhancement in Wireless Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks, 2019
  5. Dr Alaa Radhi Thuwaini, Mutual coupling suppression in multiple microstrip antennas for wireless applications, 2018
  6. Dr Siva Kumar Subramaniam, Novel design of reliable static routing algorithm for multi-hop linear networks, 2017
  7. Dr Shiva Majidnia, Numerical modelling and experimental investigations of eddy current systems for non-destructive testing, 2016
  8. Dr Shariq Khan, Reliable on-demand routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks, 2015
  9. Dr Roohollah Haghpanahan, Metamaterials and their applications on antenna gain enhancement, 2015
  10. Dr Christos Chousidis, Wireless audio networking modifying the IEEE 802.11 standard to handle multi-channel real-time wireless audio networks, 2014
  11. Dr Parthipan Thayaparan, Electronic system modelling of UT pulser-receiver and the electron beam welding power source, 2013
  12. Dr Thomas Peter, Optically transparent UWB antenna for wireless application & energy harvesting, 2012
  13. Dr Michalis Spasos, RF-MEMS switches for reconfigurable antennas, 2011
  14. Dr Yoel  Giboudot, Study of beam dynamics in NS-FFAG EMMA with dynamical map, 2011
  15. Dr Hattan Abutarboush, Fixed and reconfigurable multiband antennas, 2011
  16. Dr Raffaele Di Bari, Laboratory and field trials evaluation of transmit delay Diversity applied to DVB-T/H networks, 2010


  1. Illias Peteimatos, WCDMA for Auronotical applications, 2014