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  1. Antennas and propagation
  2. Wireless Communication
  3. Radio frequency biomedical applications
  4. Non-destructive testing 

PhD projects for research students

Microwave assisted local heating for biomedical applications

Many biomedical applications require DNA amplifications and isothermal amplification is a technique used to address these requirements. Currently many research groups around the world are looking into developing low cost, portable and hand held devices for such applications. This project will look into employing microwaves to assist with the isothermal process to significantly reduce the size of portable devices and also to reduce power consumption. Microwave techniques can help to locally heat the reaction mixtures. Brunel is currently developing a smartphone controlled field use instrument to assist with biomedical applications. Interest in electromagnetic modelling and microwave hardware will be useful for this project.

Pattern Reconfigurable Antennas for future wireless communication systems

Wireless communication systems expanding at a very high rate with high capacity requirements. Social media applications and life style choices have resulted in very high data rates. Frequency re-use techniques can be employed to enhance capacity if reconfigurable narrow beam antenna designs can be developed. Phased array antennas are capable of producing reconfigurable beams, however these antenna arrays require larger space to be installed. This project will look into developing low profile, broadband, pattern reconfigurable single feed antenna design to address these requirements. Such designs also need to have capabilities to cover the azimuth plane with fine resolution and also have capabilities to cover the elevation plane to some extent for applications in urban areas. Applicants with electronic engineering background with interest in electromagnetics are welcome to apply.