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Dr Shaoqing Hu

Dr Shaoqing Hu
Lecturer in Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Research area(s)

Millimeter wave/THz imaging is a promising technique in security detection due to its short wavelength and penetrating ability. The MM or THz imaging system utilizing dense antenna array can improve the resolution and frame rates significantly, but it will incur a cost issue due to a large number of elements and channels utilized. Thus, I study using linear sparse periodic array (SPA) to save system cost but maintain high image quality. Besides, I study random sparse imaging techniques like compressive sensing and Low Rank Matrix Reconstruction in order to further reduce the sampling data, system cost without comprising on the image quality.  I am also keen on broadening research to automotive radar including design and data fusion.

Aperiodic sparse array has characteristics of ultra-wide bandwidth and lower side lobe level at wide scanning angle. This is helpful to save cost and reduce the interference.  However, the design of a large-scale planar aperiodic array is challenging in computational time and resource. I work on array design for various applications, sparse arrays in particular.

I work on designing antennas/arrays for various applications like GNSSs, automotive radar, wireless communications, 5G and beyond.

Research Interests

Random Sparse Imaging, Signal and Image Processing, Antennas and Arrays, Automotive Radar, IoT, 5G, 6G and Wireless Communication

Research grants and projects


Optimisation Program of Ultra-wideband Aperiodic Phased Array
Funder: Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province
Duration: September 2018 - September 2019