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PhD projects for research students

Research supervision

  • R. Swash, Holographic 3D technology: Camera / Processing/ Display, Brunel University London, expected viva – 17th December 2013 (1st supervisor).
  • B. Ali, Evolutionary Algorithms for synthesis and optimisation of sequential logic circuits, Napier University, 2000 – 2003 (awarded PhD degree, 2nd supervisor).
  • A. Serguieva, Computational intelligence techniques in asset risk analysis, Brunel University London, 2000 – 2004 (awarded PhD degree, 1st supervisor).
  • E. Stomeo, Design large logic circuits using evolvable hardware, Brunel University London, 2003 – 2006 (awarded PhD degree, 1st supervisor)
  • O. Fan, Design in 3D space using evolutionary algorithms, Brunel University London, Autumn 2002 – Summer 2009 (awarded MPhil degree, 2nd supervisor)
  • C. Lambert, Design of intrinsic multi-chip evolvable hardware system, Brunel University London, Autumn 2003 – September 2007 (awarded PhD degree, 1st supervisor)
  • Y. Sapargaliyev, Consumer-triggered EHW, Brunel University London, Spring 2005 – Summer 2011 (awarded PhD degree, 1st supervisor)
  • G. Fernando, Automatic routing of hydraulic and electrical systems, Brunel University London, Spring 2005 – Spring 2009 (awarded PhD degree, 1st supervisor)