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Research application

The strategic effects of AI and associated technologies exemplified by smart technologies, machine learning, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, and the internet of things – are beginning to be felt in many areas. Sectors such as financial services, insurance, education, logistics, retail, manufacturing as well as public sector services such as health, social services and police forces are actively using these technologies. Artificial intelligence introduces new competitors and creates opportunities for new business models, but also raises several challenges as new digital platforms attack incumbents; it requires new skills and capabilities; raises ethical concerns and impacts on how and why strategic decisions are made.

The members identified the following digital challenge areas, where AI technologies are expected to have significant effects:

  • Public health – Covid and other health related issues
  • Aging
  • Global, regional and national regulations
  • Ethics, power and exclusion
  • Innovative AI / data driven business models
  • Medical equipment
  • Fintech
  • Effects on jobs and employment
  • Product life-cycle management and value chain optimisation based on sustainability principles
  • Monitor / Tracking / Sensing devices
  • Implementation of AI systems
  • Information and data management
  • AI applications

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