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Walls energising buildings


Project description

The project aims to develop a truly innovative façade solution based on the smart integration of highly energy efficient components, including super-insulate elements, solar energy harvesting and active energy storage features, all in one single combined active/passive management system especially addressed for modern non-residential lightweight Curtain Wall and Double Skin Frame (DSF) retrofitting solutions.

Powerskin+ intends to be at the forefront of the first generation of off-site prefabricated, modular “ready-to-buy” and easy-to-install glazing and opaque elements, with sustainable ecodesigned connecting framings, improved functional coatings, active and passive thermal energy storage (TES) technology solutions and integrated semi-transparent PV cells.

The solar electric harvesting features will be matched and completed with a dedicated large capacity building electric storage system, in a true energy management turnkey package. Powerskin+ system will be validated in non-residential buildings in three different environmental, economic, logistic and social scenarios, namely Portugal, Slovenia and Czech Republic, with environmental sustainability and benefits proving through LCA and LCCA approaches. The market uptake of POWERSKIN+ will be facilitated by optimal compatibility without additional structural modification.