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This project focuses on research impact as the main goal of practice-based research in the fields of games design and game studies. The pilot project was developed throughout 2018-2019, developing three digital games based on individual research projects from across CBASS, with the support of the Research Centre for Global Lives.

The participants included academics from Sociology and Theatre, as well as 13 Games Design students (including BAs, MAs and graduates) who participated in the production of the games. The students thus gained a unique experience of practice-based research in serious games development. The three games developed – March for Science, Cultured Meat and An Invitation in Gold – were developed in stages including quick prototyping sessions and longer development as part of the Games Design Octopus 8 Summer Project.

This pilot demonstrated the viability of the research, and the resulting games were also played as part of the College of Business, Arts, and Social Sciences Education Forum in 2019.

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