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Dr Mariza Dima

Dr Mariza Dima
Senior Lecturer in Games Design

Gaskell Building 175


Mariza is a Senior Lecturer in Games Design. She specialises in User Experience and User Interface design for developing meaningful and engaging interactions particularly using mobile, AR and haptic technologies. She has worked between academia and the creative industries as an interaction designer and creative technologist in R&D projects combining engineering and design approaches grounded on theoretical contexts of narrative, affective dramaturgy, and audience/player engagement.

A keen knowledge hunter, she is often inspired by and experiments playfully with perspectives from different fields that could offer a useful alternative lens on user experience design and then turns them into a tool for designing engaging experiences. Her design approach is holistic and experiential where the designer embeds and immerses herself in a collaborative design process and views it as an educational and transformative experience rather than participating in it as a design expert.

She also consults on strategies for devising and developing digital projects and user interactions in the creative industries and has expertise in design methods for collaboration and co-creation.


Mariza holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction Design, an MSc in Design and Digital Media, both from the University of Edinburgh, and a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences from the National Technical University of Athens. 


Research Lead for Digital Arts

Newest selected publications

Dima, M. and Maples, H. (2021) 'Affectual Dramaturgy for Augmented Reality Immersive Heritage Performance'. Body, Space & Technology, 20 (1). pp. 25 - 36.Open Access Link

Journal article

Deniozou, T., Dima, M. and Cox, C. (2020) 'Designing a Game to Help Higher Education Students Develop Their Note-Taking Skills'.ACM CHI Play. Virtual. 2 - 5 November. ACM. pp. 181 - 192.Open Access Link

Conference paper

Dima, M. (2019) 'A design framework for developing Mixed Reality applications in cultural heritage sites'.Zip Scene. Budapest. [unpublished]

Conference paper

Dima, M. (2019) 'Augmented Reality experience design through the lenses of dramaturgy in the context of cultural heritage'. Routledge Studies in Museum and Cultural Heritage.

Journal article

Dima, M. and Cantinho, B. (2017) 'Erehwon: A Digital Platform for Empowering Sociopolitical Interventions in Public Space‘', in Pereen, E., Celikates, R., de Kloet, J. and Poell, T. (eds.) Global Cultures of Contestation Mobility, Sustainability, Aesthetics & Connectivity. Cham : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 241 - 262. ISBN 10: 331963982X. ISBN 13: 978-3-319-63982-6. Open Access Link

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