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Sport, culture, communities and wellbeing

This project has been commissioned to extend the work of the UK's What Works Centre for Wellbeing. It is examining the evidence about how UK Government policy can most effectively alleviate loneliness and enhance wellbeing through cultural and sporting activities across the life course.

The project develops the work of the partnership between Brunel University London, Brighton University, the (Finland) and Anglia Ruskin University. It involves extensive stakeholder engagement with the Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport including Sport England, the Arts Council for England and Historic England.

The work includes translation, dissemination and mobilisation of evidence in partnership with the What Works Centre for Wellbeing. The work is impacting decision and policy making in UK Government and national organisations in culture and sport which support the design and implementation of cultural and sporting activities for diverse communities across the life course.

What Works Centre for Wellbeing
What Works Centre for Wellbeing

Read more:

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Health and Wellbeing Across the Lifecourse - Inequalities in health and wellbeing in the UK and internationally; welfare, health and wellbeing; ageing studies; health economics.

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