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Sociology skills development

Sociology at Brunel is designed to give you lots of opportunity to develop your knowledge of theories that explain the changing nature of social behaviour in our own and other societies, as well as developing your practical skills to prepare you for your future career. 

Learning from both lectures and practical sessions in our dedicated state-of-the-art media centre will enable you to examine how social issues are redefined by contemporary processes of individualisation, globalisation and new forms of communication. In our practical spaces, specialist technicians will be on-hand to help you if you need additional support. 

You’ll have the opportunity to broaden your mind by being exposed to fascinating guest speakers on interesting topics, hearing first-hand experiences and applying this to the real world as well as going on a variety of fieldtrips.

Sociology students will find that our sociology degree will provide you with practical skills, analytical skills, organisational skills and problem-solving skills and therefore prepare you for the world of work. A degree in sociology from Brunel is applicable to a variety of industries because the skills developed are well valued. You will also learn to be able to adapt to any given situation and to think on the spot.

Field trips and our proximity to central London

A beneficial way of learning is through our optional fieldtrips and being close to central London you’re never too far from all the museums and exhibitions. These trips are created to help with your academic studies.

Technical experience

You’ll have the opportunity to get first-hand experience using technical equipment during your filming and practical sessions, where you will learn about cameras, lighting and editing.

The facility includes large group sized edit suites that enable 4k workflow and editing. Our friendly technicians will show you how to use different types of Canon cameras and other cameras, along with the software Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.

You will also get different sessions on lighting, where you will be able to use the cameras to play around with the different lighting styles.

There is a large equipment loan service that caters for film, documentary and photography, offering industry standard equipment in all fields. The equipment includes a range of broadcast standard 4k video cameras and smaller DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras. There is also a range of lighting, microphone and grip equipment to ensure all videos and films adhere to professional standards of practice.

The facility now also offers a host of online teaching support including instruction and technique videos, through BBL (Blackboard Learning Environment).

Guest speakers

We invite guest speakers from the media industry to come and talk to our students, giving you a different perspective to what you’re learning in the classroom. You’ll benefit from hearing their first-hand experiences and seeing how what you learn is applied in the media and creative industries. You will also benefit greatly from being taught by academic staff who are actively engaged in research and who have earned Brunel an international reputation both for research and excellence in teaching.

Opportunity to study abroad

Through the study abroad scheme, you will have opportunity to study at one of a number of European and American universities.

Learn a new language

At Brunel we offer you the opportunity to learn a new language, allowing you to expand your communication skills, to gain insight into other cultures, and to prepare you for study abroad if you opt for it. You can choose from nine different languages; Modern Standard Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.