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Unlike most subjects, this course offers a chance to apply what was learned in readings and lectures in ongoing conversation – which includes respectfully challenging the lecturer and classmates during seminars
I’d come to university with the expectation that I may not develop close connections with those that taught me. I’d hear of how lecturers wouldn’t even know who we are or remember our names. But that’s certainly not the case at Brunel. There is an air of closeness and familiarity that runs through the Anthropology department, that makes it feel a lot more personal.
The prospect of studying for four years instead of three was daunting at first, but I viewed it as an excellent opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in possible career paths
Cheerese, Undergraduate
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The highlight of this experience was to be able to work with incredible and resilient women in Mayukwayukwa, Zambia on my project to develop reusable sanitary pads.
Martina, Undergraduate
Sociology (BSc)
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Brunel helped me to develop an interest in working as a part time Community Worker
Suk, Alumni
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I still have great memories of my foundational studies at Brunel and the professors and students alike
Alison, Undergraduate, Alumni
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Brunel helped me figure out who I was and what I wanted to do. It gave me confidence and the drive to get what I want!
Lily, Undergraduate, Alumni
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