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Registration is the process of formally becoming a Brunel student, and it takes place in two parts. The first part involves completing an online Registration task and you should do this from home as soon as possible through eVision, Brunel’s online student portal.

Download your guide to online registration

If you have further questions about the registration process, please visit our FAQ page.

Brunel University requires all students registering for our courses to provide their passport at registration. This serves a dual purpose: to verify your identity before we admit you to the course, and an immigration check to ensure we are meeting our UKVI compliance regulations and not admitting anyone to the university who does not have the appropriate immigration status to study in the UK.

If you do not currently have a passport you must apply for one before you register as a student at Brunel. Please allow enough time to have your passport application processed.

If you cannot obtain a passport in time, please review what alternative forms of identification we accept and if you have any queries, please contact our admissions team on +44 (0)1895 265 265.

International students

To meet UKVI regulations we need to keep a copy of your passport on file. If you would like to speed up the Registration process, please upload a copy of your passport to eVision now if you haven't already. Please note that even if you have uploaded a copy, you will still need to bring the original passport with you to Register.

Further advice on Visas and Immigration is on our International webpages.

I need to send my passport to Student Finance / the Home Office / somewhere else - what should I do?

If you need to send your passport somewhere and it cannot wait until after Registration, you should ensure you get at least one certified copy of the passport before you send it. The copies should be certified by someone in authority such as a solicitor, notary, doctor or bank manager. Some UK post offices also offer this service.

Welcome Week

If you will be starting your course in September or January, you can find information about Welcome Week here. This will be updated regularly so please keep checking for further information specific to your course.