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Visas and Immigration

If you are an international student then it is likely that you will need a visa to study at Brunel University London. If you are not sure then you can use the 'Do I need a visa?' service on the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website for more help.

For all undergraduate, postgraduate, research and most English Language courses at Brunel you should typically apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa, which covers the whole duration of your course.

Please visit the appropriate sections below for further details about how to apply for a Tier 4 student visa and other important visa and immigration related information.

We hope that you should find the answers to any questions on these pages. Please also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page. However, if you are not able to find the information that you need, please contact us

Latest News - Graduate Immigration Route (Post Study Work Visa)

In September 2019, the UK Government announced plans to introduce a new Graduate Immigration Route. This will be a post study work visa that Tier 4 international students will be able to apply for when they complete their studies in the UK. At the moment, full details of the new visa have not yet been confirmed. From what we know so far, these are the key details of the Graduate route: 

  • International students who complete their course in or after the summer of 2021 will be eligible to apply;
  • It will be open to students who complete a course at undergraduate, postgraduate or research level, who have a valid Tier 4 visa at the point of application;
  • Unfortunately, the Graduate route will not be open to students who will complete their studies before the summer of 2021;
  • The visa will be two years long and will allow a graduate to work, or look for work, in any sector and at any level in the UK;
  • The visa will not be extendable and will not lead to settlement in the UK. However, it will be possible to switch into a skilled work route if the standard requirements are met i.e. Tier 2. 

We will update our communication when details of the new visa route are fully confirmed.