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Professional course requirements

Students accepted on to a professional course require a number of checks to be completed before they can register. The regulatory bodies governing your course require all applicants to undergo a DBS check and a "fitness to practice" assessment in the form of a medical questionnaire. In addition, students on certain courses are required to show evidence of immunisations and proof of having completed CPR training.

We start the process in early May and will contact you with instructions for completing your DBS. We will email the Medical Questionnaire to you and Immunisation Cards are mailed out to students who have obtained an offer to their course. Instructions are included on how to fill out the required documents and where to forward the completed forms.

For more information on your DBS application, acceptable DBS ID documents, Medical Questionnaire or Immunisation Card please see the information below the table. 

Pre-Registration checks required for each course


DBS Check DBS payment Criminal Conviction Disclaimer Medical Questionnaire Immunisation checking CPR Training
Occupational Therapy

No fee for Home or EU fee paying students.

✔ The DBS fee applies to Overseas fee paying students


No fee for Home or EU fee paying students

✔ The DBS fee applies to Overseas fee paying students

Social Work ✔ All applicants    
Education (PGCE) ✔All applicants    
Physician Associate (MSc) ✔All applicants  
Nursing ✔All applicants    
MBBS (Honours) Medicine  ✔All applicants Basic life support will be taught on the course. 
Art Psychotherapy (MA) ✔All applicants