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How to Avoid Cyber Attacks

Cyber guidance

Best practice guidelines

  • Never share your Brunel network password. We will never ask you to reveal it, and you should only enter it in a website with '' in the address​​
  • Avoid leaving devices containing data unattended (e.g. USB sticks, CDs, DVDs)
  • If you think someone may have tampered with your PC, check to make sure you don't have a keylogging device attached (See photo of an in-line key logging device)
  • If using a shared PC or shared office, remember to lock your PC (press Ctrl, Alt and Del and select 'Lock this Computer')
  • If using a mobile device (phone or tablet), use a security pin lock; if using a laptop, set a password​
  • If you need to dispose of a PC, or Hard Disk, see our policy on disposal of​ equipment​
  • If unsure about any of these, you should get in touch with Computing Support​