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Protect your devices

Cyber guidance

Managing mobile devices

​Mobile devices give us flexibility to work away from campus, and for many of us they are essential to the way we work. However, it's important to know how and when mobile devices should be used, what precautions need to be taken and when other solutions may be more appropriate

Laptops and tablets: Best practice guidelines

  • Never leave laptops or tablets unattended in public spaces
  • Sensitive university information should not be stored exclusively on laptops or tablets without suitable backups
  • Never view university confidential information on a laptop or tablet when in a public space, including public transport
  • Never leave laptops or tablets in plain view such as on a car seat or by a window in your home. Store them safely out of sight
  • Always lock the device if you are going to be away from it. Shut down the device when not in use.
  • Mobile phone should always be protected with a passcode
  • Lock the phone when not in use, and set it to auto lock if it is inactive for a period of time
  • Always keep the phone on you person or locked away at home
  • Mobile phones should not be used to stored university confidential information
  • Ensure that your phone operating system is up-to-date

Removable media

USB sticks, CD's DVD's are convenient for transferring information from one device to another. However, they can easily be lost or stolen so think carefully about what you put on them.

Best practice guidelines

  • Do not use removable media for storing information long term
  • Delete any file saved on removable devices as soon as you have transferred them another device
  • Consider using an approved file sharing systems to transfer sensitive University information
  • Avoid putting university confidential information on a removable storage device. If you do need to use a removable medium, make sure it is university approved (use an encrypted device)
  • Obsolete university devices must only be disposed of in accordance with the university's Information Security Policy