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VerifyAward FAQs


Can I download my documents?

Yes. When you are in the document viewer looking at your certificate, transcript of studies or HEAR document, you can click on the download icon and download the document as a PDF file. The PDF will state that the document is not valid as a printed document and that it should be verified by third parties by registering with VerifyAward

Can I use the online verification service?

This service is provided for graduates of Brunel University London who were awarded from October 2000 onwards. Graduates will able to view their certificate, transcript of studies or HEAR document and send a secure access link to third parties via the VerifyAward service.

In order to access the service, please go to

Please do come back as we will be extending the date range in the future.

When will my documents be available for me to view?

Transcript of Studies or HEAR's will normally be available within a week from the date you were awarded.

Certificates will normally be available from the conferral date. Your conferral date can be found on the 'my course'/'view award' section in eVision

What can I do from the VerifyAward service?

As a graduate of Brunel University London, you can manage electronic versions of your degree documents (certificates, transcript of studies or HEAR). This means viewing electronic copies of your documents, sharing online access with employers, educational institutions, recruitment agencies and other third parties, and reporting any errors.

As a Third Party, you can view qualification documents online from graduates that have given you access. Graduates have the control to revoke access at any time. You may also request access from particular graduates to view their documents if they have not already given you access or request a timed extension to prolong your access.

From October 2019 this will be a chargeable service for 3rd parties of £25 (excluding VAT) per request.

Is it secure to share my qualification documents with other people?

Yes. We have taken extreme measures to prevent fraud and make it as safe as possible to share your documents. By revoking access when required and deciding who gets access to your documents, you have control over exactly who views your documents, which documents they see, when they see them and for how long. Although these electronic documents have been published by Brunel University London, they are no longer valid when printed or removed from this website.

How are the electronic documents created?

Upon printing your physical documents, an electronic version is uploaded to this secure website. Only specific personnel at Brunel University London can print or publish these documents and security measures are in place to stop anyone else accessing your documents. If you notice an error on your documents, please report it here.

My award was made before October 2000

Please go to our Awards Team website for more assistance with this.

Your conferral date can be found on the 'my course'/'view award' section in eVision

I have two awards, but can only see one. How do I verify the other one?

Please go to our Awards Team website for more assistance with this.

I can't register!

If you have registered already, you won't be able to register again with the same email address and student number. In this case, visit the login page to try and log in with existing details, or reset your password if you can't remember it. If you still can't register and are a new user, please email so that they can help set up your account.

I can't log in!

If you can't log in it might be because of a few reasons. Make sure your password is correct or reset it if you've forgotten.

Accounts can also be blocked by the VerifyAward administrator if any suspicious activity is recognised. Please email if you still can't access your account.

Can I change my login name?

Yes. If you go to your profile page you can change your email address (which is your login name), password, profile picture and other personal details. Please be aware that these details are viewable by third parties that you have approved.

Do I have a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)?

The HEAR will be produced in full for undergraduates who commenced their full-time programme of study in September 2012 and have graduated since 2015 and onwards. The HEAR is designed to replace the transcript of Studies.

The HEAR is designed to be an electronic document.

For more details please refer to 

I have not received my original certificate

If you have not yet requested your original degree certificate, then you should go to the 'my course'/'view award' section in eVision and complete the certificate task.

If you have requested your original certificate and have not received it; Please go to our Awards Team website for more assistance with this.

Can I view my documents if I have an outstanding debt with the University?

If you owe money to the University (i.e. if your account has been placed on financial hold or suspension), we will not publish your documents until your account has been cleared. 

Can I order additional copies of my qualifications certificate?

No.  There can only ever be one original certificate in circulation at any one time. 

You may request a certified copy (or copies) of this original document if you were awarded before October 2008 from the Awards Team. Please go to our Awards Team website for more assistance with this.

Or, if your original certificate has been lost, you may request a replacement. Please go to our Awards Team website for more assistance with this.

My name has changed since I was awarded. Can I get a new certificate?

In most circumstances your certificate cannot be changed. Please go to our Awards Team website for more assistance with this.

Who do I contact with any feedback?

Please email the Awards Team with any feedback that you may have.