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Why study English at Brunel?

Study English at Brunel and you’ll join one of the most renowned academic environments for English in the UK. 

Here our passion and expertise will meet your imagination and ideas to impact your learning experience.

Our English courses consistently rank in the top 10 in the country and in the 2019 Guardian University League tables we’re 8th. This highlights the fantastic effort and commitment of our students and staff over the years to build programmes that are not only engaging to study but allow you to develop the relevant skills to succeed, wherever your future lies.

Perhaps you’ve been studying English all your academic life and you think you know what it’s about. At school or college you’re likely to have been exposed to a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning the subject but at Brunel your interests are our focus. We see studying English literature as a ‘journey of your imagination’ and want you to pursue your personality through your work. Our flexible modules will allow you to explore which genres, topics and periods of literature you enjoy - really giving you a chance to express yourself in coursework and assessments. 

We also understand the impact of English literature on a global scale, so whether it’s through one of our study abroad opportunities or the nature of the course where you’ll be taken on a ‘world tour’ of language and literature you can explore ideas, styles and key texts at an international level.

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