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Inspirational English alumni


Studying English literature at Brunel will allow you to follow your interests in a subject you love, while giving you a wide array of skills to succeed once you graduate.

We are committed to giving you the knowledge, skills and experiences you’ll need to confidently approach your future regardless of what your goals are. One of the best things about joining one of our English courses is that we emphasise developing transferable practical skills like communication and critical analysis that are highly sought after in the graduate world. This coupled with the option to take work placements as part of our English undergraduate degree means you can test the waters of a chosen future career, allowing you to immerse yourself in the academic world of literature, writing and culture without limiting your options for the future.

Many of our graduates have gone on to do great things whether that is in the literary and creative industries, media related roles, business functions like marketing and HR and beyond. Follow some of their journeys to see how we helped to support them in achieving their goals. 


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