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English taught by experts

At Brunel you’ll be supported and surrounded by academics who are experts in their fields, using reading and writing to change the world around them. 

As lecturers, our passion for teaching is matched by our passion for research. Driven by our curiosity about how the word relates to the world, we study literature belonging to a variety of genres, from different periods of history, and by writers from around the globe. Through publications including books, essays, memoir and reviews we share our ideas, challenging readers to think differently about texts and topics we care deeply about. Our research informs our teaching: we develop learning programmes based on our expertise. Our wide array of research interests ensures that our students engage with a broad range of literatures from diverse perspectives. We regularly update our learning programmes in correspondence with exciting new research areas, so that our undergraduate (BA) and taught postgraduate (MA) degree courses will give you a thorough grounding from potential modules on the early modern (Shakespearean) era to the present day, explored from gendered-, class-, and race-aware angles.  

Through our passion for our subject, we will inspire you to discover your own research interests, which you will develop and share through independent study, class activities, and assessments. With input from learning support professionals, we will ensure that you have the skills and confidence required to undertake independent research of your own, which will culminate in a dissertation (extended piece of writing) exploring a topic and texts of your choice.  

To find out more about our research-led learning programmes, visit our BA page and MA page. 

To find out more about who we are and what we research, visit our staff profiles. 


Jago Morrison

Professor Jago Morrison

Teaching is most exciting for me when we’re pushing the boundaries of the subject, asking questions that are being debated right now – that’s where all the fun is!

Kate Houldon

Dr Kate Houldon

I love taking my current research on literary migrant domestic workers and using it as entry-point to introduce cutting-edge theories in my second-year module, 'Twenty-First Century Fictions of Global Inequality'. It's great to hear students' insights on questions of inequality, climate change, or women's work that worry me as well!