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Digital Education Show and TEL

Show & TEL events:

For further information and previous sessions can be found here.

Digital Assessment Project

The team is involved in the University’s Digital Assessment project which is exploring the possibilities of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) online summative exams.

Our Milestones Teach Brunel Project

Our Milestones was one of first group of Projects which were awarded funding from the Teach Brunel Fund initiative.  The project was a student and tutor-led initiative for Design students carrying out their final year projects (FYPs).  It has been a collaboration between Made in Brunel Students, Design staff, the Co-Innovate project team and the Learning Technology Team.

The project aimed at encouraging students to capture highlights of their final year project ‘Milestones’ in video format....‘to facilitate a sustainable rich video format for feedback and learning within student centred project-based learning’

The ‘Milestones are points in the students’ final year project journeys which are identified as significant to subject-knowledge, high-level skills, understanding, and most importantly, to self-directed and experiential learning. The video-based tangible outputs provide a much richer and more efficient means to communicate information and to receive feedback from peers, tutor and project sponsors.  

 A primary objective of this project was to initiate the creation of these student videos - ‘Our Milestones'  and to embed this student-led initiative as part of the module requirements so that it will become a sustainable and evolving digital resource as new 'Milestones' are added by future generations. 

The initiative has demonstrated considerable benefits within the Design Department Undergraduate Final Year Project Module.  More work needs to be done to consider and deliver enhanced preparatory knowledge and skills to equip students to continue to enhance their video production practice.  The project outcomes showed that the principle of using video communication as an integral part of project based learning has potential to be used at all levels – with corresponding staff and student benefits – both within the design subject area and the University as a whole.

Sam Dill Video Images

The 'Our Milestones' final project report can be accessed here

For further information about this project please contact Natalie Parnis via email

Media Services Project

Members of the team are working with Media Services on their Teach Brunel Funded project ‘From script to screen’.  They are helping media services prepare an online course that teaches the process of how to make a short film.