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Occupational Therapy facilities

Brunel’s campus has purpose-built facilities where you’ll get the opportunity to practise your skills on your Occupational Therapy degree.

Our purpose-built rooms mirror the clinical environment and include a specialist kitchen, arts room and gym. We also have a fleet of different wheelchairs so that you can experience this from the perspective of a user.

Keep living suite

You’ll get access to a wealth of resources such as assessment tools, moving and handling equipment and a vast array of adapted equipment for daily living. Specialist kitchen and bathroom areas enable students to learn about environmental adaptions which can help people with disabilities to live as independently as possible.

Physiotherapy gym

Our gym has the latest clinical and general exercise equipment along with state-of-the-art teaching and media facilities. The physiotherapy gym at Brunel is spacious enough for you to practice your skills as part of a large group, run exercise classes or a range of clinical simulation scenarios.

Art room

You’ll get the opportunity to use a wealth of art, horticulture and photography resources that help you learn and experience first-hand the therapeutic potential of creative occupations. You’ll also learn and practice vital theory through using the latest interactive technology.


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