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Practice placements

You’ll gain professional experience on your Occupational Therapy degree that makes you ready for the world of work when you graduate.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate Occupational Therapy pre-registration degrees both offer practice placements consisting of 28 weeks plus 40 hours simulated placement experience, which combined with your academic studies, provide valuable work experience that creates a strong foundation for your therapeutic career.

We offer you practice placements in the NHS, local government, charities and private settings around London, a city with a diverse base of patients. You might be based in a hospital, a mental health setting, working with children in schools or clinics or with people who have learning disabilities.

Each placement will provide you with a different perspective on working as an occupational therapist which will help you choose the career path that’s right for you. These include an ever-widening range of physical rehabilitation, mental health settings, with children in schools or clinics and with people with learning disabilities or you might be based at a hospital as part of a community reablement team.

You’ll get the opportunity to put all that you’ve learned in real environments and situations to help you become a skilled and in-demand occupational therapist.

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Gain the complete professional experience on your Occupational Therapy course