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Professor Matthew Seligmann
Professor of Naval History

Marie Jahoda 212

Research area(s)

  • Armaments races, especially the Anglo-German naval race.
  • The origins of modern wars, especially the First World War.
  • Military and Naval Intelligence and threat assessment.

Research Interests

My current research focuses on the Royal Navy during the era of the Anglo-German antagonism. As a result, I write books and articles that are mostly about British naval policy, armaments races, espionage, battleship building and naval strategy. One of these articles, a study of the origins and creation of the Home Fleet in 1902, won the Julian Corbett Prize, the UK’s principal award for excellence in Naval History.

Research grants and projects

Project details

The Anglo-German Naval Arms Race and the Origins of the First World War


AHRC Fellowship The Royal Navy and the German Threat, 1901 - 1914 £63,347 January - August 2011

Caird Library Fellowship, Sept-Dec 2022.