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Professor Matthew Seligmann

Professor Matthew Seligmann
Divisional Lead / Professor of Naval History

Marie Jahoda 212


I spent my first eighteen years living and working in London before deciding to follow my passion and study history. I was an undergraduate at the universities of Edinburgh and Pennsylvania, before completing a doctorate at the University of Sussex under the supervision of Professor John Röhl, the world’s foremost authority on Kaiser Wilhelm II. Since then, I have worked mostly on Anglo-German relations and the causes of wars and have authored or co-authored ten books and numerous articles on these topics. I joined Brunel as Reader in History in September 2012 after many years of lecturing at the University of Northampton.


D.Phil History (Sussex)

M.A.(Hons) History (Edinburgh)


Divisional Lead for Politics and History

Newest selected publications

Seligmann, M. (2020) 'Britain and Economic Warfare in German Naval Thinking in the Era of the Great War', in Morgan-Owen, D. and Halewood, L. (eds.) Economic Warfare and the Sea: Grand Strategies for Maritime Powers, 1650-1945. Liverpool UP. pp. 193 - 208. ISBN 10: 1789621593. ISBN 13: 9781789621594.

Book chapter

Seligmann, M. (2019) 'Widening Horizons: New Directions in the Scholarship on Sea Power and Security'. War in History, 26 (1). pp. 124 - 138. ISSN: 0968-3445

Journal article

Seligmann, M. (2018) 'Rum, Sodomy, Prayers, and the Lash Revisited: Winston Churchill and Social Reform in the Royal Navy, 1900-1915'. New York: Oxford University Press. ISSN 13: 9780198759973


Seligmann, M. (2018) 'A Service Ready for Total War? The State of the Royal Navy in July 1914'. The English Historical Review, 133 (560). pp. 98 - 122. ISSN: 0013-8266 Open Access Link

Journal article

Seligmann, M. (2017) 'The Greatest Danger to this Country that Exists': German Plans for Commerce Warfare in British Naval Thinking', inBid for World Power? New Research on the Outbreak of the First World War. ISBN 10: 0198792417.

Book chapter
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