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Dr Qingping Yang

Dr Qingping Yang

Tower A 211

Research supervision

Current PhD Research Students and Project Topics:

  • Miss P. Bharti (Measurement Information Management for Industry 4.0)
  • Mr A. Fox (Sustainable Digital Furniture Manufacturing Using 3D Printing Robot)
  • Mr J. Joaquin (Artificial Intelligence for Optimisation and Demand Side Response of Built Environment Management)
  • Mr Y. Koucha (Bayesian Inference for Quality Engineering)
  • Miss Y.  Zhao (Development of Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) Framework for Smart Buildings)

Completed PhD/MPhil Projects: 

  1. The influence on consumers’ choice of various kinds of social information in application of decision making and recognition memory based on fMRI and EEG studies. PhD project (L. Lin), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2018).
  2. 3D freeform surface measurement on coordinate measuring machine using photometric stereo method. Thai government funded PhD project (T. Somthong), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2017).
  3. Operation optimisation towards generation efficiency improvement in Saudi Arabia. Saudi government funded PhD project (M. Althaqafi), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2017).
  4. Error compensation and uncertainty evaluation of CMMs. Thai government funded MPhil project (P. Salacheep), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2016).
  5. Verification of carbon savings in energy smart infrastructures. Joint NPL/BUL funded PhD project (E. Lau), 1st Supervisor @BUL (completed in 2016).
  6. Integration of lean six sigma with multi agent system in food distribution industry of SMEs. Saudi government funded PhD project (F. Algassem), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2016).
  7. Linking host community satisfaction to operational performance in the oil and gas industry. Nigeria government funded PhD project (M. Agi), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2016).
  8. Optimisation oriented lean six sigma development for maintenance management in service sector. Saudi government funded PhD project (B. Alsybaie), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2016).
  9. Power management in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). MPhil project (T. Kamsuvan), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2016).
  10. Integration of lean six sigma and health and safety management system in Saudi Broadcasting Corporation. Saudi government funded PhD project (A. Alharti), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2015).
  11. Critical evaluation of competitiveness of SMEs in Chinese Yangtze River Delta. PhD project (W. Chen), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2015).
  12. Evaluation of material surface profiling methods: contact versus non-contact. Thai government funded MPhil project (S. Jaturunruangsri), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2015).
  13. Regulation and optimization methodology for smart grid in Chinese electric grid operators using quality function deployment, equilibrium theory, fractal theory and mathematical programming. PhD project (C. Wang), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2014).
  14. Optimisation of multiple attribute calibration job scheduling and operations in large metrology labs. PhD project (M. Reeshi), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2013).
  15. Development of novel design methodology for product mass customization based on human attributes and cognitive behaviours. PhD project (H. Wang), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2012).
  16. Investigation and development of an advanced virtual coordinate measuring machine. PhD project (Y. Hu), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2010).
  17. Web-based knowledge-based decision support system for evaluation of measurement uncertainty. Brunel University funded PhD project (P. Wei), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2009).
  18. Critical evaluation and novel design of a non-invasive and wearable health monitoring system. MPhil project (S. Abbasi), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2008).
  19. Touch trigger probe modelling and measurement uncertainty evaluation by finite element analysis. Malaysian government funded PhD project (M. Salleh), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2007).
  20. Optically powered hydraulic pilot valve employing multilayer piezolelectric bender actuator and multimode optical fibre Bragg granting technologies. Thai government funded PhD project (J. Lim), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2001).
  21. Development of an opto-fluidic probe for on-line noncontact dimensional inspection and tool condition monitoring in a hazardous manufacturing environment. Brunel University funded PhD project (T. Xie), 1st Supervisor (completed in 2000).
  22. Assessment of paint appearance quality in the automotive industry. Brunel University funded PhD project (H. Kang), 2nd Supervisor (completed in 2000).
  23. Surface roughness and displacement measurements using a fibre optic sensor and neural networks. Brunel University funded PhD project (K. Zhang), 2nd Supervisor (completed in 1998).
  24. Mathematical modelling of the parameters and errors of a contact probe system and its application to the computer simulation of coordinate measuring machines. NPL funded PhD project (P. Baird), 2nd Supervisor (completed in 1996).