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Dr Qingping Yang

Dr Qingping Yang

Tower A 211


Dr Yang has taught a number of subjects at both PG/UG levels and his teaching is closely related to his research:

PG level:

Manufacturing Measurement; Project Management; Optical and Optoelectronic Engineering;  Computation for Information Processing and Computer-Aided Data Analysis. 

UG level:

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (level 3); Quality Engineering and Metrology (level 3); Business for Engineers (level 3); Mechatronics (level 2); Microprocessors (level 2); Electrical Engineering Principles (level 2); Instruments and Applications (level 2); Measurement and Instrumentation (level 2);  Introduction to Internet Computing (level 1); Internet Scripting and Computer Architecture (level 1); Project Management (levels 1-2).

He is currently teaching:

  • Quality Management and Reliability
  • Advanced Measurement Systems and Data Analysis
  • Robotics and Manufacturing Automation