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Dr Qingping Yang

Dr Qingping Yang

Tower A 211

Research area(s)

The Brunel QUEST Research Centre led by Dr Yang has been carrying out leading edge R&D projects in the following three areas.  The QUEST Centre currently has 11 full-time researchers (3 Research Fellows and 8 PhD students) and a number of academic staff members, leading an international innovation platform and collaborations in these areas.

Sensor / measurement systems:

Advanced sensors and sensor networks; Advanced instrumentation; Signal processing; Advanced data analysis; 3D dimensional metrology (including CMMs, virtual CMMs, AFMs, etc.); Fast and high precision 3D freeform surface measurement, etc.

Quality engineering:

Quality engineering; Quality management; Quality information systems; Innovation; TRIZ; Uncertainty quantification; Condition monitoring; Structural integrity; Health and Safety; Environment monitoring, etc.

Smart technologies and applications:

ICT; IoT; Knowledge based systems; Ontology engineering; Semantic web; Data science; Cognition /neuroscience; Machine learning; Object recognition and scene understanding; Intelligent HCI; Robotics; VR/AR; Artificial intelligence; Smart technology applications (e.g. Smart grids; Smart buildings; Smart manufacturing), etc.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects

Project details

Dr Yang has received till December 2018 a total research funding of about £2.356 million as Principal Investigator and £888K as Co-Investigator. 

  1. In-house Training on Advanced quality engineering and Small mixed-batch SPC. Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, PI (RMB35K, 09/2018).
  2. Sustainable digital furniture manufacturing using 3D printing robot. EPSRC DTP PhD Studentship, PI (£60K, 10/2017-09/2020).
  3. Building management analytics and demand side response modelling. Joint EPSRC DTP/Industry PhD Studentship (EPSRC/NPL/Mitie Group), PI @BUL (NPL/Mitie £50K, 10/2017-09/2020). 
  4. Innovative Quality Engineering and Smart Technology (IQUEST). Sichuan Mingxin Energy Group, PI (£2,009,194, 08/2017- 07/2021).
  5. Visiting Scholarship. Sichuan University, (RMB30K, 4/2015-3/2017).
  6. Optimisation of the energy generation and distribution for carbon saving using smart grid technologies. Joint NPL/BUL PhD Studentship, PI @BUL (NPL £45K, 01/2013-02/2016).
  7. Assignment of Patent “Optical Powered Smart Hydraulic Valve”. Flight Refueling, PI (£10K+3% royalty, 2004).
  8. Optimization of Sensor Locations for Measurement of Flue Gas Flow in Power Plants (OLASIS). EU-funded SMT project, PI (€150K, 01/1996-06/1998).
  9. Acoustic emission traceable sensing and signature diagnostics (AESAD). INTErSECT Faraday Partnership flagship project with EPSRC/industry funding, Co-I (£880K, 11/1998-01/2002).
  10. Development of an opto-fluidic probe for in-process dimensional inspection. Brunel BRIEF Award, PI (£10K, 1997).

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Research group(s)

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