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Dr Richard Hammond
Senior Lecturer in War Studies

Marie Jahoda 205

Research area(s)

  • Modern British and European History
  • The History of Warfare (especially 1919-45)
  • Anglo-Italian Relations during the period of Italian fascism
  • Inter and Intra-Service rivalry in the British Armed Forces

Research Interests

I have recently published my first monograph, based on a significant expansion of my doctoral thesis. It assesses the impact of the Allied anti-shipping campaign in the Mediterranean during the Second World War on the Axis ability to wage war in the theatre effectively. 

I have also begun research on a project examining the compexities of military co-operation between the Allies and the Italian 'Kingdom of the South' durng the so-called 'co-belligerency' phase of 1943-45.

Research grants and projects

Project details

Truman Library Institue Research Grant, $2,500 (2021)

General and Mrs Matthew B. Ridgway History Research Grant, United States Army Heritage and Education Centre, $1,500 (2019)