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Professor Rob Macredie
Professor - Interactive Systems

Research area(s)

Human-Computer Interaction; Information Systems; Virtual Environments

Research Interests

Rob’s research spans the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Information Systems, exploring the ways in which people and organisations use technology, and aims to determine how work can be more effectively undertaken by improving the way that we understand how people and technology interact in organisational (and social) settings. 

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is Rob's general area of research interest, with this specifically applied to the design and evaluation of systems in a range of personal and organisational contexts.  Key themes represented in his research are to provide a deep understanding of the influences of individual differences on system design and use, and the requirements of using interactive systems for information access.  Rob's research also crosses into the Information Systems area, through interdisciplinary research with colleagues in this field, addressing organisational use and impact of technologies.