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Dr Terry Dovey

Dr Terry Dovey
Head of Department - Life Sciences

Research area(s)

  • ARFID, Selective Eating, Tube Weaning, Picky/Fussy Eating and Food Refusal in Children
  • Social Priming, Food Advertisments, and Deciding to Try Novel Foods
  • Appetite Regulation, Psychopharmacology of Eating, Gastroentrology, and Obesity

Research Interests

My research interests include anything and everything to do with eating behaviour. I have published over 100 peer-reviewed abstracts, papers and books on the topic, covering everything from the psychopharmacological treatments for obesity to deciding to try novel food items. My main research interests are in treatment of avoidant/restrictive eating disorders in children. These include finding effective treatments to overcoming tube-dependency and feeding disorders. In addition to these main research goals, I am also very interested in the impact of advertising on children’s eating behaviour. Along with my co-authors Prof Jason Halford and Dr Emma Boyland (Liverpool) we have published numerous papers on the subject. These papers were the primary evidence used by the government to ban television direct advertising to children for unhealthy food items high in fat and/or sugar.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects