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Professor Alex Blakemore
Professor in Human Genomics


Alex completed her first degree and PhD at the University of Sheffield. After a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from ARC (now Arthritis Research UK), she took up her first academic post as a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University in 1994. In 2001 she moved to Imperial College London where she was Professor in Human Molecular Genetics, in the Faculty of Medicine and she retains a visiting chair position there. Alex joined Brunel University London as Head of the Department of Life Sciences in January 2016 and undertook that role for 5 years before handing it on and returning to a more research-focussed role in January 2022.


University of Sheffield 1990 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Medium-chain acyl Co-A dehydrogenase deficiency

1986 Bachelor of Science (BscHons), Genetics, First Class Honours 

Newest selected publications

Amin, HA., Cordell, HJ., Martin-Ruiz, C., Robinson, L., Kirkwood, T., Blakemore, AI. and et al. (2022) 'No Evidence That Genetic Variation at the Klotho Locus Is Associated With Longevity in Caucasians from the Newcastle 85+ Study and the UK Biobank'. The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, 77 (3). pp. 457 - 461. ISSN: 1079-5006 Open Access Link

Journal article

Sen, P., Adewusi, D., Blakemore, A. and Kumari, V. (2021) 'How do lipids influence risk of violence, self-harm and suicidality in people with psychosis? A systematic review'. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 56 (5). pp. 451 - 488. ISSN: 0004-8674 Open Access Link

Journal article

Zagkos, L., Drenos, F., Emmett, P., Blakemore, AI., Nordstrom, T., Hurtig, T., et al. (2021) 'Adolescents’ dietary habits and meal patterns influence school performance in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986: mendelian randomisation study'. bioRxiv. pp. 1 - 40.Open Access Link

Journal article

Alkaf, BA., Parkinson, JP., Thomas, LT., Blakemore, AB., Jarvelin, MJ. and Lessan, NL. (2021) 'Contribution of obesity and physical inactivity to the increased type 2 diabetes risk in Emiratis'. WILEY. ISSN: 0742-3071

Conference paper

Alkaf, B., Blakemore, AI., Järvelin, M-R. and Lessan, N. (2021) 'Secondary analyses of global datasets: do obesity and physical activity explain variation in diabetes risk across populations?'. International Journal of Obesity, 45 (5). pp. 944 - 956. ISSN: 0307-0565 Open Access Link

Journal article
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