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Dr Fotios Drenos
Senior Lecturer in Genetic Epidemiology


I am a genetic epidemiologist with an interest in computational medicine and the statistical genetics of common complex diseases.  I have led and contributed to a number of research programmes examining the genetic basis of the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, integrating information from rare mutations and common genetic changes. My work focuses on identifying new genetic loci associated with these diseases, using genetic information for the early prediction of disease and using genetic methods for the assessment of risk factors. Understanding these risk factors of disease is critical for development of effective public health interventions.  My current work focuses on integrating information from genetics, metabolomics and machine learning to inform drug development. I am a member of the UCLEB consortium and the International Consortium of Exome array studies (BP-ICE).

I lead the postgraduate training of students in the area of bioinformatics and –omics analysis in Brunel University London and provide training on genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics to students from collaborating universities, including UCL and Imperial College.


University of Dundee BSc (Hons)

Newcastle University PhD

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Newest selected publications

Ahmed, A., Amin, H., Drenos, F., Sattar, N. and Yaghootkar, H. (2023) 'Genetic Evidence Strongly Supports Managing Weight and Blood Pressure in Addition to Glycemic Control in Preventing Vascular Complications in People With Type 2 Diabetes'. Diabetes Care, 46 (10). pp. 1783 - 1791. ISSN: 0149-5992 Open Access Link

Journal article

Schmidt, AF., Joshi, R., Gordillo-Marañón, M., Drenos, F., Charoen, P., Giambartolomei, C., et al. (2023) 'Biomedical consequences of elevated cholesterol-containing lipoproteins and apolipoproteins on cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular outcomes'. Communications Medicine, 3 (1). pp. 1 - 10. ISSN: 2730-664X Open Access Link

Journal article

Amin, HA. and Drenos, F. (2021) 'No evidence that vitamin D is able to prevent or affect severity of COVID-19 in individuals with European ancestry: A Mendelian randomisation study of open data'. BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, 4 (1). pp. 42 - 48. ISSN: 2516-5542 Open Access Link

Journal article

Surendran, P., Feofanova, EV., Lahrouchi, N., Ntalla, I., Karthikeyan, S., Cook, J., et al. (2020) 'Discovery of rare variants associated with blood pressure regulation through meta-analysis of 1.3 million individuals'. Nature Genetics, 52 (12). pp. 1314 - 1332. ISSN: 1061-4036 Open Access Link

Journal article

Kyrou, I., Karteris, E., Robbins, T., Chatha, K., Drenos, F. and Randeva, HS. (2020) 'Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and COVID-19: an overlooked female patient population at potentially higher risk during the COVID-19 pandemic'. BMC medicine, 18 (1). pp. 1 - 10. ISSN: 1741-7015 Open Access Link

Journal article
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