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Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare

The portfolio of successful healthcare related projects, coupled with a wide range of expertise working on healthcare and medical advancements, has established BIC’s presence in this sector. From the bleeding edge technologies of computer vision, image processing to deep learning and artificial intelligence BIC has at its disposal, some of the current challenges and obstacles society faces have been addressed, and new frontiers have been explored by BIC, as one of the industry leaders.

BIC has developed a solid workflow for any healthcare-related project which can often be challenging due to the unique pressures on the professionals. The Centre welcomes consultation with academics and professionals from the medical field who are interested in applying our computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to their own healthcare problems.          


  • Anomaly detection, including detection of breast cancer in contrast-enhanced MRIs and hypokinetic gait in Parkinson’s patients.
  • Development of instrumentation centered on hardware and firmware, specifically used for Healthcare applications. We develop bespoke electronic boards and apps for data acquisition along with sensors/transducers management, compatible with most commercial platforms.
  • Development of diagnosis tools based on machine learning models for rehabilitation and healthcare purposes.



Development of an AI and machine learning based breast MRI scanning system for more accurate breast cancer screening tool. This platform will assist doctors in the interpretation of data coming from breast MRI scans which will improve patient outcomes whilst transforming the healthcare delivery in the UK. The successful exploitation of the technology will result in cumulative revenue of £18.5m after 6 years in the market.


Collaboration on the design and prototyping of an unprecedented glucometer, that combines Infrared and Radiofrequency measurements with Artificial intelligence algorithm, to predict blood sugar non-invasively.

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Developing an augmented reality platform for improving the mobility and independence of people with Parkinson’s experiencing Freezing of Gait (FOG) symptoms. SMARTAR is Augmented Reality Glasses that will monitor a person's gait, detecting if a freezing incident occurs driven by a robust machine learning algorithm.

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