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Brunel Innovation Centre has been working on applications for the Agriculture industry since 2017 with the GRAINCARE collaborative project. This project developed hardware and firmware used for grain monitoring applications, in order to reduce post-harvest spoilage. BIC participated in the design, prototyping and deployment of a network of wired and wireless sensors (monitoring humidity and temperature). This combined readings with artificial intelligence algorithms to determine grain moisture content, in addition to predicting trends in different types of grain storage facilities including godowns (a warehouse in a country of southern or eastern Asia) and silos. The systems deployed can be designed to meet specific requirements and to withstand severe operational conditions at the storage.  BIC’s capabilities to develop mathematical models to optimise sensor location, within grain storage or other agricultural settings, can promote significant reductions in cost and reduce wastage.


  • Sensor design and optimisation for soil monitoring.
  • AI Predictive algorithms for watering and feed requirements.
  • Bespoke electronic boards and apps for data acquisition and sensors management.