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Brunel Hydrogen

Brunel Hydrogen brings significant, unique capabilities, that meet specific industry challenges. We invest in new capabilities not yet used in this space. Our strength is our multidisciplinary approach, including social science and policy expertise, which we bring to the various hydrogen technical and commercial challenges. We employ an innovative approach to ensure our research reaches application.

We have significant existing engineering research that is applied, practical and enabling, and a suite of research that supports and enables others’ technologies to operate in practice.  In addition, Brunel has non-engineering research, expertise, and facilities that support and enable others’ technologies to operate. 

Thinking Differently in Hydrogen 

Each day's webinar focused on a specific hydrogen related topic and included a talk from a Brunel academic followed by a leading industrial figure developing technology to support the growing UK hydrogen economy.

Monday 13th Feb – H2 Living Labs. 
Tuesday 14th Feb – Hydrogen Combustion
Wednesday 15th Feb – Hydrogen Policy
Thursday 16th Feb – Alternatives to Electrolysis
Friday 17th Feb – Hydrogen Transport and Storage

Each webinar was chaired by Dr Alexander Reip, Brunel University London's Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence.


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Thinking Differently in Hydrogen

During UK Hydrogen Week (13-17th February), Brunel University London is hosting a series of webinars called 'Thinking Differently in Hydrogen'.

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