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Structural condition monitoring of above ground storage tanks

SafeAST: Continuous structural condition tank integrity monitoring of aboveground storage tanks


The purpose of this project is to assist the €2.8bn European and global liquid storage and distribution industry in reducing the costs involved in ensuring that leaks do not occur from 500,000 above-ground storage tanks (ASTs), thus avoiding damage to the environment and the loss of revenue from the unscheduled outages of leaking tanks, currently estimated at €132m. At its core is the exploitation of Plant Integrity’s proven non-invasive storage tank floor monitoring technology capable of detecting defects as small as 25mm. The SafeAST system provides continuous structural condition monitoring of ASTs, detecting any corrosion hotspots in the internal tank floor without the need to empty the tank and manually inspect the welds. SafeAST provides continuous monitoring by integrating long-range ultrasonic testing with sophisticated sensors and systems in order to detect defects in the annular ring and bottom plates. The SafeAST consortium’s vision is to create a highly profitable, sustainable company capable of delivering both hardware and services to the AST condition monitoring sector and for its core technology to be recognised as the global primary on-line monitoring method in live plants.

SafeAST Project


The principal goal of this project is to provide final prelaunch confirmation of performance data to demonstrate the capability of SafeAST in detecting time-dependent degradation of the AST tank floor. The secondary aim is to provide a package of comprehensive launch material (including validated technical reports, supportive marketing material, final hardware specification and software sign-off) to aid a successful launch.


Maintains 100% structural inspection coverage; continuous monitoring; AST does not need to be emptied; reduction in safety risks due to no manned entry; clear impact on workers’ health protection; reduced venting of hydrocarbon and other chemical gases into the atmosphere and reduced risk of catastrophic failure; reduced probability of oil leakage into the environment. The SafeAST system will cut the cost by more than 75% compared to existing inspection methods.

SafeAST Project

Project Partners

  • Pi Ltd
  • Innora
  • Tupras
  • InnoTecUK
  • Brunel University London

For more information, please visit the SafeAST website.


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