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Recycling of concrete from construction and demolition waste


Project description

In this project, construction and demolition waste (C&DW) concrete will be 100% recycled and reused for the re-manufacture of new construction products, moving from a linear to a circular economy, and highlighting the importance of secondary raw materials and maintaining the value of concrete waste at the end of life through reuse and recycling as a central part of a successful circular economy.

A new holistic technique and management framework to recycle concrete will be established for the development of a zero-waste concrete life cycle and subsequent production of high value-added raw materials for re-manufacturing. The recovered coarse (>5 mm) and fine (<2 mm) aggregates will match the quality and performance of their virgin counterparts while the recovered cementitious paste will be implemented in CO2 capture technology. The research will be demonstrated at the laboratory level, with the supply chain optimised for both the UK and Indian markets for the potential scaling up of the technology.

Integrated, eco-friendly circular construction solution developed at Brunel: 

Circular Con IN2

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Ram, V.G., Prajapati, R., Poulose, M.K (2019). "Challenges and Prospects of Demolition Waste Recycling in India." The Indian Concrete Journal.