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At Brunel University we have made a commitment to protect our existing biodiversity, and where possible enhance and improve it.

The term "biodiversity" is normally used to describe the variety of life that exists on earth. Biodiversity includes all animals, plants and  micro-organisms which interact together in ever more complex ways to produce ecosystems full of life. As such, biodiversity is everywhere – in our countryside, our farms, our parks and woodlands, in our cities, in the places in which we work, and right here on our campus! The campus of Brunel University London covers around 80 hectares of land which is sub divided into seven sites with different configuration of green space, river, buildings, sports facilities, parking, roads and pathways.

What are we doing?

Here at Brunel University we have made a commitment to protecting our existing biodiversity, and where possible enhancing and improving. We have created the second edition of the Biodiversity Action Plan (2018-23) (.pdf download), the key aims of which are:

  • To further identify the current habitats present across the campus
  • to produce proposals for improving the biodiversity on campus through building and landscape development projects where appropriate
  • to carry out species surveys across the sites and create action plans for the enhancement and protection of key identified species
  • to meet the legislative requirements set out in ‘Biodiversity 2020: A strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services’ Defra
  • to actively promote engagement with students, staff and relevant civil societies in the protection and enhancement of biodiversity
  • to meet legal obligations and compliance set out in key legislation
  • to align with the London Environment Strategy ‘Green Infrastructure’

Green Flag Award Winners

For the 5th year running Brunel University has been given the Green Flag award (2022-23). More information around the criteria for this award can be found here.

Clearing up the River Pinn

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