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People, policies and plans

People driving sustainable performance

Below are the wide range of staff who are responsible, support and enable sustainability throughout Brunel’s campus, teaching, research and partnerships.

  • Professor Trevor Hoey - Pro Vice Chancellor - International and Sustainability
    • Executive Board Lead for Environment and Sustainability
    • Trevor is the Executive Board level representative who has overall responsibility for environmental sustainability within Brunel University London
    • More about Professor Hoey can be found here
  • Jeremy Tanner - Executive Director of Campus Services
  • Glenn Fleetwood - Associate Director of Environment and Sustainability
  • Stuart Bonney - Director of Estates Development & Infrastructure
    • Stuart is responsible for developing environmentally sustainable buildings and embedding sustainability into the management of Brunel's estate
  • Michael Hubbard - Energy Sustainability Manager
  • Derek Millard-Healy - Head of Health, Safety & Environment
  • Sidney Fontaine - Associate Director, Procurement
  • Oliver Grant - Site Services Manager
    • Oliver oversees waste reduction and recycling activities across the campus and is responsible for the development and delivery of the University's Waste Management Plan
  • Terry Vass - Head of Security and Campus Support Services
    • Terry oversees on-campus sustainable travel initiatives and is responsible for the development of the University's Sustainable Travel Plan
  • Timothy Jones - Catering Support Manager
    • Tim oversees sustainability at Taste Kingdom responsibly providing innovative catering, hospitality and food service solutions across the campus
  •  Dr Hassan Khonsari - Health, Safety and Environment Officer
    • Hassan is responsible for overseeing the programme of internal audits for the Environmental Management System 
  • Inma Andres - Student Programmes Manager & Research Advisor