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Consumer information

The US government requires institutions which offer federal student loans to disclose the following consumer information, in line with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

If you require any further information about the content or you would like a paper copy, please email: SCfunding@brunel.ac.uk.

1.Student Financial Aid

More information about the financial assistance available to international students can be found on our International Fees and Funding website. For further details on Postgraduate and Undergraduate funding please visit the Postgraduate students / Undergraduate students websites.

Information specific to US Loans can be found on our US loans web page.

2.Fee information 

For further details on Tuition fees please visit our website. Fees for Undergraduate students

3.Textbook information

Information concerning textbooks and any additional materials required will be supplied by your Department.

4. Copyright

To see our copyright policy please visit Copy-right policy.

5. Data protection

To learn more about what we do with your data and view general Policies and Guidance relating to Data Protection please visit Data Protection.

6. Freedom of information

If you have a freedom of information request or you require more information, please visit Freedom of Information Policies and Guidelines.

7. Vaccination

We have vaccination clinic sessions for MMR and Meningitis C during the first few weeks of the new academic year; these will be advertised around the campus.

Please see our Medical Centre website for further details.

8. Fire safety

More information about the Fire Safety Procedure and Guidance please visit Fire Safety.

9. Missing Student Notification

For further details on a Missing Student Notification Procedure, please contact the Well@Brunel team (http://wellbeing.brunel.ac.uk/, well@brunel.ac.uk) or the Security Office. The Security Office has temporarily relocated to a purpose built structure located in between the Michael Sterling Building and the Bannerman Centre as of 1st August for approx. 1 year.The Security Office is staffed 24 hours all year round by trained and professional security officers. You can contact Security at 01895 255786.

10.Disabled students

For details on the facilities and services available to Disabled Students please contact our

Disability and Dyslexia Service..

11. Alcohol and drug prevention

In line with UK Law, Brunel University London does not tolerate drug abuse.

The school enforces drug and alcohol and smoking policies consistent with UK law and will notify any infringement to the appropriate national and local law enforcement agencies.

Please note that the UK police have powers to arrest and test anyone they have reason to believe may be under the influence of drugs. Similarly breath testing for alcohol is mandatory for everyone involved in a road traffic accident.

The National Health Service (NHS) promotes and offers information, advice and help specifically for students which can be seen at


The UK legal sanctions for possession and supply of non-prescription, sometimes called recreational, drugs are as follows:

Drug class Possession  Supply
Class A 7 years + fine Life + fine
Class B  5 years + fine 14 years + fine
Class C 2 years + fine 14 years + fine

To ensure that our environment is safe for all students and staff, Brunel University London has a zero tolerance policy towards drug dealing by students both on and off campus. If you are found to have been dealing drugs, or intending to deal drugs, you will face serious disciplinary action. This will almost certainly result in you being expelled from the University, with the possibility that you would not retain any credits already achieved in your academic studies or any award (whether intermediate or final). (See Senate Regulation 6). These penalties may be applied even if it is your first offence, and even if you have been found not guilty in a Court of Law.

The school is aware of the detriment to an individual’s health, finances and future which is caused by drug and alcohol and tobacco misuse and dependency. The school’s own health service works as part of the National Health Service to support and encourage addicts to recover.

The University encourages students to learn about various drugs and their effects at:

NHS drugs


There are also counselling services available to Brunel University London students:


Brunel Counselling Service

Substance abuse: Hillingdon Drug and Alcohol Service; Hillingdon Action Group for Addiction Management

Please note that your US Direct Loans eligibility can be lost if you are convicted of a drug related crime.

The possession of a controlled substance:

Ineligibility period is:

First offence 1 year

Second offence 2 years

Third offence Indefinite

The sale of a controlled substance:

Ineligibility period is:

First offence 2 years

Second offence Indefinite

If you are convicted of a drug related offence you will cease to be eligible for federal student aid for the rest of this, and for all future years, unless and until you complete an acceptable drug rehabilitation program and pass two unannounced drug tests administered by an acceptable drug rehabilitation programme. Such a programme and testing does not exist in the UK. You would therefore be unfunded for the continuance and completion of your degree course and would need to return to the USA where such a rehabilitation programme may be found.

To learn more about possible loss of loan eligibility and rehabilitation, see the Student Aid website.


The sale and consumption of alcohol, on or off campus, is governed by UK law which sets out four licensing objectives:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder;
  • Public safety;
  • Prevention of public nuisance;
  • The protection of children from harm.
A bar, pub, restaurant or shop, whether on or off campus:
  • May refuse to sell alcohol to anyone who is, or appears to be, under 18 years old;
  • Must refuse to sell alcohol to anyone who is, or appears to be, already intoxicated.

It is a criminal offence both on and off campus:

  • To buy or attempt to buy alcohol by or for anyone under 18 year old;
  • To knowingly obtain or attempt to obtain alcohol for consumption on those premises by a person who is drunk. A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale;
  • For a drunk or disorderly person, without reasonable excuse, to fail to leave relevant premises when requested to do so by a constable or a person to whom S. 143(2) applies, or to enter or attempt to enter such premises after that person has requested him not to do so [Stone's 8-19829Y];
  • To behave in a disorderly manner in a public place whilst being drunk. Any person found guilty shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale.
The UK National Health Service offers practical guidance on safe and unhealthy drinking.If you are a Campus Resident please see Drug and Alcohol Regulations.


12. Transfer of credit policy/ Transferring to another University

Undergraduate students:

All Brunel’s courses have been designed so that they are made up of study and assessment blocks (modules) worth 10 to 30 credits each. Levels 3 and 4 may include a major project, worth up to 40 credits. You will build these modules up, usually gaining at least 120 credits per year, until you complete at least 360 credits to achieve an Honours degree.

There are some exceptions to this pattern:

  • Those undertaking a MEng qualification will study for a further year. This year, Level 4, will include advanced modules and group projects;
  • If you do not complete your degree programme, you may be eligible to receive a Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) with 120 credits or a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) with 240 credits;
  • Periods of work placement that form an integral part of your degree programme attract up to 120 further credits and may lead to a separate award title (although this does not apply to Education);
  • Since each module has a credit value, Brunel is able to participate in national and international credit accumulation and transfer schemes.

Postgraduate students:

Most programmes are offered in a modular format and each module is credit-related by the University. Modules have a credit rating of multiples of five, with the dissertation usually valued at a minimum of 60 credits.

A total of at least 180 credits will normally be required to successfully complete most Master's courses, at least 120 credits for a Postgraduate Diploma, and a minimum of 60 credits for a Postgraduate Certificate.

The University also encourages students to register for individual modules. You may then use the credits acquired towards an award-bearing course at the University or elsewhere (credit accumulation and transfer). The University may grant some exemptions for admission to its own courses (at the discretion of the relevant Course Directors) on the basis of credits achieved or work completed elsewhere.

Students wishing to enter the University with credit exemptions for prior learning or experience should apply, in the first instance, to the Course Director. The University will not normally grant exemptions for more than half the taught credits required for an award of the University at postgraduate level.

If you are considering transferring to another University or you require more information on Transfer of Credit procedure, please contact your Department.

13. Code of conduct for US education loans

Brunel University London's code of conduct for US education loans prohibits all the staff members who are responsible for administering US loans from:

  • revenue-sharing arrangements with any lender;
  • receiving gifts from a lender, a guarantor, or a loan servicer;
  • contracting arrangements providing financial benefit from any lender;
  • directing borrowers to particular lenders or refusing or delaying loan certifications from lenders;
  • offering of funds for private loans;
  • accepting any fee, payment or financial benefit as compensation for any type of consulting arrangement or contract to provide services to or on behalf of a lender relating to education loans;
  • providing call centre or financial aid office staffing assistance.
  • the University shall not request or accept from any lender assistance with financial aid office staffing unless any such assistance has been legislatively defined as acceptable. Lenders, for example, may provide professional development training to financial aid administrators, educational advising materials to borrowers, or assistance in state or federally-declared natural disasters;
  • accepting advisory board compensation.

*This Code of Conduct pertains to any alternative/private loans.

All the staff members must also abide by the Conflict and Declaration of Interest Policy

All agents with responsibility for US loans are reminded at least annually of the code.

14. Academic Programme information

For information about current degree programmes and other educational and training programmes available at Brunel University London, please see the Course Finder.

For information about instructional, laboratory, and other physical plant facilities that relate to your academic programme, and for faculty and other instructional personnel, please contact your Department or visit the relevant Department’s website (http://www.brunel.ac.uk/colleges).

15. Retention Rate

Information on the University’s retention rate is available from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).


16. Refund Policy

The student’s tuition and accommodation fees will be refunded in accordance with University policies outlined in the Student Financial Policy.

17. Cost of Attendance

For detailed information on the Cost of Attendance please visit US loans website or contact the funding team at SCfunding@brunel.ac.uk. For an estimated COA, please see the Cost of Attendance section.

18. Withdrawal

Please note that in accordance with the US Federal government’s regulations if you withdraw from your course, then you must inform the Funding team, your Department, the lender, and guarantee agency within one week in writing.

If you have taken federal loans and completed less than 60% of your studies that academic year, Brunel University London has to comply with US regulations and recalculate your Financial Aid eligibility using a 'Return of Title IV' form based on the period of the year you attended. As a result you may be required to pay back money to your lender from the Federal loans (Direct Stafford Subsidized, Direct Stafford Unsubsidized and Direct PLUS) you have received. It may also be possible that the University will have to repay funds to your lender for tuition fees, and that you will be requested to make an additional fee payment to the school to replace these funds.

Pro-rata refund calculations apply for any student who withdraws within 60% of the payment period.

For more details on the Withdrawal and Refund policy, please refer to Return to Title IV (R2T4) Policy.

Students seeking information on the withdrawal procedure should refer to:

Undergraduate students
Postgraduate students

19. University and programme accreditation, approval and licensure

Brunel University London received its Royal Charter and official University status on 9 June 1966. The awarding body is Brunel University London. For more information please visit https://www.gov.uk/recognised-uk-degrees.

20. Intercollegiate athletic programme participation rates and financial support data

The University does not have an 'intercollegiate athletic programme' similar to US schools.

Available programmes and Sport Scholarships 

21. Completion and graduation rates

Information on the University’s completion rates is available from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). Due to a low non-continuation rate, the University is unable to supply a breakdown of completion rates by gender, ethnicity or recipients of need-based Subsidised loans, as this may reveal personally identifiable information about an individual student, which would break the Data Protection Act.

22. Placement rates

Please contact your department with regards to the placement information.  

23. Employability

For more details on the University’s employability policy and rates please visit:


24. Satisfactory Academic Progress

To be eligible for US federal student loans, a student must make satisfactory academic progress (SAP).This applies to all students taking federal loans (also known as ‘financial aid’ and ‘Title IV aid’) at Brunel University London, specifically Direct Subsidised, Unsubsidised, Grad PLUS, Parent PLUS loans and Veteran Affairs benefits. It applies to all federal loan recipients, including graduates, undergraduates, part-time and full-time students.